An Online Exhibition & An Episo-demic Saga

Swirl, Scuffle, Sequel_
_An Virtual Art Curation;

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About  the  Exhibition

Curated by   Xinchen Du 杜歆晨
Co-organized by    U.Land Community, The New School CSSA
Title: Swirl, Scuffle, Sequel
Subtitle: An Episo-demic Saga

Eligibility: Applicants must be currently enrolled in a degree seeking program or post graudation within 2 years (class of 2018 - 2024); No Submission Fee

Location: 100% Online, Virtual Exhibition
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Key  Words

Epidemic / Pendemic

Contemporary World Crisis + Shared Future


Society, Individual, Collective, Globe, Privacy

Recombination / Reconstruction

Regeneration, Ecology, Virtual, Technology, Future

Curatorial Proposal

"This is a long and unfinished story, and we would like to invite you to read, listen, and feel the narratives that come together to form this biography." ...

For the past eight months, the world has been engulfed in an invisible but powerful vortex, forcing every living being caught within its grasp to adapt accordingly. The name of this vortex is the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and to this day it rages on. COVID-19 is the first truly global pandemic of the 21st century, affecting ecologies, economies, and societies worldwide. The thoughts and ac-tions of each individual and collective identity have been divided, isolated, reorganized, and subse-quently recreated by the epidemic.

At first, we found ourselves in a period of chaos. The ripples of the epidemic appeared without warning, waiting for the waves to come. The public is still confused by it, and both one’s daily rou-tine and general life pace changed suddenly. For students, everything from temporary suspension to forced online courses, along with various emergency policy measures, have each had an effect on their respective identites. Still, they have continued to adjust to find ways to overcome these ev-er-present difficulties.

In the meantime, ethnicities, regions, and even countries were caught in a "free-for-all." Due to the impact of the epidemic, originally linked relations have been brought to the verge of breaking en-tirely. Contradictions have been intensified, and the wind blows harder in the world, pushing people apart. Overseas, Asian-Chinese individuals have experienced a period of intense backlash. Alt-hough the pandemic attacks individuals indiscriminately, being of Chinese descent has made some unfairly targeted on the basis of their race. Therefore, a new bond has emerged between people of the same race but of differing nationalities, producing a global domino effect in the process.

Today, the world seems to be stabilizing, but the crisis is still lurking everywhere, and we cannot yet let our guard down. In the wake of the current post-epidemic era, we have arrived at a sweeping awakening—one in which we no longer view any of these elements as isolated variables. Human activities, ecosystems, social systems, and economic situations are interlinked. We must thus return to a framework based on understanding our biological essence through a scientific approach: in other words appreciating the living organism as an open and complex system capable of self-organization, self-replication, and self-adaptation.

Rethinking ecosystems is an ages-old topic. In recent years, Anthropocene has been revisited nu-merous times across the board, turning the human impact on the planet into the central subject of scientific, policy, and environmental activism. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, what will be the new paradigm regarding this topic? As for social changes, the connection between individu-als and communities now finds itself breaking further away from their antiquated physical con-straints, on every scale ranging from the micro to macro alike. The virtual cyberspace can now be utilized to its full, ever-growing maximum capacity. As a result, issues regarding identity and boundaries have been brought into discussion and garnered much attention.

This online exhibition focuses on the systematic concept of reconstruction, linking our thoughts on ecological and social changes during each stage of the pandemic. We sought to create as open and all-encompassing a biography as possible by searching far and wide to compile these new stories together. We believe that in the global context of this epidemic, the public's views will vary, but each dimension of each person’s perspective will still include the systematic connection that bonds us together. In other words, these differing perspectives will complement each other. The commu-nal thinking that has been triggered by the indiscriminate attack of this epidemic among all of hu-mankind is something that must be taken seriously, as we all share the same future.


This Exhibition is proposed by students, for students. Thus, we are only accepting works made by degree-seeking students currently enrolled in at least one higher education institue, or post graduates within 2 years (class of 2018 - 2024.)

For this call to Art, we are looking to receive submissions that share a variety of themes and focuses, in other words: your work doesn't have to be solely based on "Covid-19" to be featured in our final exhibition. As long as your project touches upon the idea of "a shared future for mankind", your work will be qualified for entry (for example, we will accept entry from a project that is centered around global warming.)

Accepted forms for Open Call Entry: Illustrations, Photography, Audio / Musical Composition, Interaction / Media Designs, Sculpture, Installation, Design (Fashion, Interior, Product, Integrated...etc.), Game, Film, Animation, Literature (script, poem, short fiction), Other

Xinchen Du

subject to adjustments; eastern standard time*

Curation / Exhibition Launching Schedules

Open Call All Submission Received Evaluation Curration Final Launch
Date 8/26 - 11/15 11/16 11/16 - 11/23 11/23 - 12/23 12/24

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Curator: Xinchen Du
Co-Organizers: ULand, The New School CSSA
Exhibition Manager: Tu Lan, Ruihan "Ray" Xia
Exhibit Visuals: Ruihan "Ray" Xia, Xiliang Xu
Publicity & Press: Nan Zhang

Chief Assistants: Zheyi Chen, Rongzhen "Susan" Yuan
Exhibition Assistants: Kejia Zhu, Yuchen Li, Rui "Thomas" Xiong, Wenyao "Tori" Qiu, Qianchun "Sab" Ma, Yuting "Teresa" Zeng

Swirl, Scuffle, Sequel;

An Episo-demic Saga

Jury Panel: Guaier Huang, Mo Kong, Runzhong Wang, Ziyang Wu
Technology Partners: CritiArt, EGG (Experience Gear Generator)
Spceial thanks to: Z Community ME 全球艺术社区